Data Sources used by this Map Server demo

This Map Server demo is based on a global database which we have compiled from various public domain sources.
Although the Map Server can work with ESRI shape files directly, the Demis Map Engine can import various other common data formats and the database was completely converted to a native format which was optimized for performance.

Depending on how far you zoom in to the database, the detail and amount of data layers displayed will vary, at the global level small scale and therefore less detailed data is displayed, and by zooming in on a smaller area, you will get access to more detailed 1:1.000.000 scale basemaps that are composed of both vector and (interpolated) raster data.

In the map legend on the left of the map display, visible layers are displayed by name with a checkbox allowing you to hide or display selected layers, more details on the underlying datasets are provided below:

Vector databases (topographic line, area, text and point features)

Raster databases (Digital Terrain Models)

Each of these databases is considered "public domain", there are no known copyright restrictions on the use of this data. We do not provide this data for downloading because our server would easily get overloaded if a lot of people decided to download it. We do however intend to provide this entire (nearly 3 GByte) dataset "as is" to registered clients using our Map Engine for a nominal fee to cover the CD copying and shipping costs.

Please note that the maps are provided "as is" and may be outdated or contain errors in some areas. The compilation and updating of these datasets is a laborous process in which DEMIS is not involved. For more specific information on the data itself you can follow the hyperlinks provided above.

Naturally, using the Map Server and Map Engine you can build your own applications and include your own data, for serving maps in Global, Regional, National, Provincial or even Municipal applications. Mostly our company uses the software to develop "turn-key" solutions to our customers.

This demo is just a demonstration of the capabilities of the software and the in-house experience of our engineers, if you have a particular application in mind, don't hesitate to contact us.

Disclaimer: With this statement DEMIS BV grants you permission to freely copy the PNG images returned by our server and use them for your own purposes, including web pages. We would appreciate a reference to our server but such a reference is not required, nor do we take responsibility for the accuracy or quality of the maps.